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Aaron Gannon is a Qigong Instructor, Breathwork Facilitator and Sound & Color practitioner based in San Diego, California.

He is dedicated to discovering

the Light and Joy within, through the ancient sacred sciences of qi, breath, sound, color, and movement...and timeless Be-ing.​

Aaron discovered his healing and extrasensory natures during a spiritual
awakening in Asia where he first experienced a
Tama-Do Sound Harmonization and Vipassana
meditation. An energy went through
his body and field that sparked a desire to journey within and beyond the five senses to realizations of how incredibly connected I, We, All are.

Aaron wishes to express his gratitude 

to Fabien and Terres for introducing him to this revolutionary

soundcolor-scape for healing and self-
realization during this incredible time in human


Aaron enjoys singing, gardening, running, biking, playing his monochord, meditating and being guided by his 1 year-old niece, Waverly.

October 2019, Aaron with Gregg Braden, after facilitating the breathwork portion of Braden's workshop in  Switzerland

The Guides

Christ Krishna Consciousness

Paramahansa Yogananda - Self Realization Fellowship

Tama-Do Academy

Fabien Maman

Terres Unseold

Rudolph Steiner

Jessica Leaf

Transformational Breath 

Judith Kravitz

Kevin Turner Institute for Shamanic Studies

Peter Caughey Forest Rock Taiji and Qigong

Soul of Yoga