• Avoid eating 1.5 hours before your session

  • Set up your breathing space in a private room (see photo instructions):

    • FOR ZOOM: Set up your laptop/phone webcam on a stack of books or coffee table, positioned above your body.

    • Make sure your lower torso and top of your head are in the camera frame so I can guide and adjust your breath in real time.

    • Use two large couch cushions or pillows to support your back and neck

  • Connect your device to a blue tooth speaker/earbuds for better audio instruction and music quality;. you will breathe with music of various rhythms.  

  • Wear comfortable clothing, including pants with a comfortable waist line. Avoid wearing dark color tops so i can see the movement of your belly more clearly.

Find your ideal HRV Breathing rate
  • YouTube playlist of various HRV Breath rates (3 BPM to 7 BPM) to find the breath rate most comfortable for you.

  • During each exhale, you want to feel a slight pressure in your chest (activates parasympathetic nervous system via dorsal vagal nerve at the back of chest/thoracic cavity)

  • In the beginning, all breath rates are created equal :)

Undiluted Liquid Magnesium Soak 
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